Idee Fixe

by Sidney Horatio Herbst

Year: 2020

Style: Surreal, Realism, Dark, Artistic/Creative, Decorative

Medium: Drawing

Medium Detail: Graphite on paper - Framed, balck pine frame with white matting

Dimensions: Length: 86cm; Width: 114cm; Depth: 1cm; Weight: 1kg

State: Ready to hang/display

Location (Postcode): 4503

Country: Australia

Delivery Options: Pick up from artist allowed; Pick up from artist recommended; Artist willing to deliver (30km max. arrange before purchase);

Video: Link

The theme I chose to depict was love yet it could have been anything. A figure is seen decomposing as a result of love, or as a result of the lack of it, a matter of perspective. Yet seeing this, others are compelled to seek the same outcome, strained in their search to have the intangible, without knowing whether it is what they truly seek in life. A recurring theme with a recurring outcome, a definitive outcome can never be assured.

$6700.00Inc. GST

Price excludes packaging and shipping.