Ned and Burka at The Guggenheim V

by Mars Drum

Year: 2009

Style: Pop, Modern/Contemporary, Portraiture, Stylised

Medium: Painting

Medium Detail: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: Length: 25cm; Width: 20cm; Depth: 3cm; Weight: 0kg

State: Ready to hang/display

Location (Postcode): 3414

Country: Australia

Delivery Options: Pick up from artist allowed; Artist willing to deliver (30km max. arrange before purchase);

"It had long been a dream for Ned and Burka to check out the art of New York City. They eventually saved up enough cash from their church and bank raids to make the dream real. They especially enjoyed visiting the Guggenheim on Manhattan Island. Great waves of inspiration and unexpected emotion bubbled up from viewing such contemporary masterpieces. They vowed to make it to the Guggenheim in Abu Dhabi one day." (Excerpt from The True History of Ned Kelly and Burka Woman, 2010) This is the fifth painting of nine from the "Ned and Burka at the Guggenheim" series, each artwork referencing famous artists' works in the Guggenheim collection, this one obviously a Warhol, replacing Marilyn Monroe with Burka Woman. Eight out of the nine exhibited Guggenheim paintings have been sold. This one is the last painting, which surprises me, it's my favourite.

$600.00Inc. GST

Price excludes packaging and shipping.