by Sidney Horatio Herbst

Year: 2020

Style: Fantasy, Dark, Expressive, Artistic/Creative

Medium: Drawing

Medium Detail: Graphite on Paper

Dimensions: Length: 150cm; Width: 114cm; Depth: 1cm; Weight: 1kg

State: Unframed

Location (Postcode): 4503

Country: Australia

Delivery Options: Pick up from artist allowed; Pick up from artist recommended; Artist willing to deliver (30km max. arrange before purchase);

Enveloped in fear of judgement, not just the final, divine and "inevitable", but also the ever present and equally omnipotent magistrates that shares this reality. To attempt to escape the consequences of this nebulous dread that we so hard try to avoid, whether beautifully draped in religion, science or the idea of I, one has to bear the title of the indomitable, "Judge-penitent" the savior of I, the only one that knows the "truth". To Judge oneself unequivocally is to afford oneself the right to judge the world and your subordinates, for you are aware and still remorseful. Yet it still lingers, for to be right, one must denounce wrong, to be the light, avoid the dark. And so you lie perpetually on the precipice of truth, till you realize that your sound only exists with your silence, eternally inseparable and codependent, never apart

$9000.00Inc. GST

Price excludes packaging and shipping.