I am something, do not forgo me

by Sidney Horatio Herbst

Year: 2021

Medium: Drawing

Medium Detail: Graphite pencil on Paper

Dimensions: Length: 150cm; Width: 114cm; Depth: 0cm; Weight: 0kg

State: Unframed

Location (Postcode): 4503

Country: Australia

Delivery Options: Pick up from artist allowed, Courier delivery,

I am something I dislike this, love that, still ambivalent over you and Me To you I am something right? I must be I am All, I value a smile which reflects my own I laugh at My sorrow, weep for you, not for me? “I”live for it, please end This fear for I am home I wish I could be something? Something more than this, more than me? I want, I need nothing, no, something, forever For a seed has no other purpose but to consume the sun and sky, right? i control something don’t i i know nothing

$12000.00Inc. GST

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