Proteas at Callicoma Hill

by Lisa Jane Gaudron

Year: 2020

Style: Realism, Romantic

Medium: Painting

Medium Detail: acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: Length: 46cm; Width: 46cm; Depth: 4cm; Weight: 0kg

State: Ready to hang/display

Location (Postcode): 2289

Country: Australia

Delivery Options: Pick up from artist allowed; Artist willing to deliver (30km max. arrange before purchase);

The subject of this painting is a huge protea bush that had naturalised in an abandoned rural garden near Mount Royal National Park in the Hunter Valley. With no one caring for it, the leaves and flowers show signs of weather and insect damage, but it's still glorious. I wanted to share the joy of those colours, but more than that, the beauty of the imperfections. Ready to hang, acrylic paint on canvas 46cm x 46cm.

$480.00Inc. GST

Price excludes packaging and shipping.