How It All Works

New to GalleryGift? Here is a quick run down

How It All Works

Hi! If we find you here it probably means you are new to the GalleryGift community, where the giving and receiving of original art is made super easy! Let us give you a quick rundown on how it all works.....

Check out this video for a brief overview: 

If yourself or someone you know has an occasion coming up and you think that an artwork is the perfect gift, you can either:

  • Purchase an artwork directly from Our Gallery
  • Commission an artist to create an artwork especially for them.
  • View their profile (if they have made it available), check out their 'Gift List' and choose one of the artworks from their list.
  • Give them one of our Gift Vouchers so they select a piece themselves.
  • Create a CoFund for them (more details below).

What is a CoFund?

CoFunds are simply group collections. Perfect for when multiple people would like to contribute towards the one artwork as a gift for someone. The recipient of the CoFund then gets to choose their artwork so they’ll always get something they love!

In order to create a new CoFund you will need to:

  • Sign up as a member (if you haven’t already),
  • Go to Gifting Options then Create New CoFund,
  • Fill in the required details to create your new CoFund and click 'Publish'.
  • A CoFund page and link to the page will be generated which you can then share via any means you prefer (text, email, social media, on your invitations etc.).

Once the cut-off-date for contributing arrives, the CoFund Creator can give the recipient a print out or they will receive a notification via email to say that they have been given a GalleryGift and have $X in their CoFund. They can then spend that amount by choosing one of the 3 options under Choose an Artwork:

If you would like any more information or assistance with any of the features of GalleryGift please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will guide you through.

Ready to sign up and start giving (or receiving!) original artwork? Click here to get started!