Why Use GalleryGift?

Why GalleryGift is the solution you’ve been looking for!

Why Use GalleryGift?

We believe GalleryGift is the perfect solution for anyone who has a special occasion coming up. Who wouldn’t want an original, unique one-off artwork given to them by their friends, family and colleagues if they got to choose what it was? Original artwork has historically been difficult for the general public to access for way too long, either because of financial constraints, not knowing what to buy or where from or just not having the time to go looking for it.

GalleryGift now makes it easy for everyone to fill their homes with art that they love from people they love. GalleryGift is art for everyone!

There is also nothing stopping anyone who just wants to buy an artwork outright for themselves from our site. We have some of the country’s most talented and successful artists so why not?

Reasons to use GalleryGift:

  • All our original artworks are hand-made pieces or limited edition prints so you know you (or your recipient) will be the only person with that particular piece or print.
  • All of our artists and artworks have been carefully selected so you know that you (or your recipient) will be receiving a high-quality artwork from a gifted artist.
  • Buying meaningful, personal gifts is becoming more and more difficult. GalleryGift’s existence means there’ll be a lot less waste when it comes to hard rubbish day ;-)
  • Support the starving artists!!! Your hard earned dollars will be going to a talented artist trying to make a living from the gift they have been given and deserve to be paid for.
  • Owning the kind of art you’ve always dreamt of is finally in reach because a lot of people contributing a small amount, very quickly becomes the right amount!
  • Buying or contributing towards a specially selected artwork is sooooo much more satisfying than buying them candles or soap or wine or socks.
  • An artwork from GalleryGift will forever be a memento of a special day, place or time in yours or a recipient’s life.
  • It’s so easy! Easy to contribute, easy to choose (well, in some ways) and easy to buy!
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee- we are not happy until you (or your recipient) has an artwork that you (or they) love.
  • Thousands of artworks to choose from - between the artwork already available on our site, commissioning a brand new, purpose-made artwork, or in one of our many participating galleries.
  • Plenty of time to make a decision- GalleryGift vouchers have a three year and three month expiry so you will have plenty of time to find the artwork that is the one for you. You can also be given other CoFunds or gift vouchers and combine them at the checkout, so in case you are given more vouchers, we have added an extra 2 years and 3 months to the usual one year expiry date of most gift vouchers. This way, an original artwork by that artist who's work you have always admired but never been able to afford, is finally in reach!


  • It’s completely free! We want to make sure we attract and keep the best of the best artists, so we have designed GalleryGift to be free for all users. Currently we also have a very special and limited offer- we are charging ZERO COMMISSION until November 1st 2020! So no cost at all to have an artist profile, be available for commissions and sell your work. After November 1st, we will only be charging 20% commission on sales- the lowest commission rate we can justify at this stage, much lower than most other galleries, even online ones, meaning more in your hand for creating that master piece! Besides the commission, there are still no other costs at all to be represented by GalleryGift.
  • It’s easy! Once the hard part is over - making the masterpiece - simply complete the details of your work, upload the images and post it onto the site. Then sit back and wait for someone to buy it. Or you can also get a request to commission a piece for someone.
  • What does GalleryGift offer that no other walk-in or online galleries do? The emphasis on original art as gifts and the unique CoFund system! We are dedicated to keeping GalleryGift at the forefront of buyers minds- every time an occasion comes up, we want their first thought to be "Oh, we could get them a GalleryGift!" or "I could create a GalleryGift CoFund for myself!". This way, potential customers are regularly reminded that giving and receiving art is now a really easy and accessible option, we are not just relying on someone to suddenly decide they need a peice of art on their wall.
  • We are targeting an untapped market! For way too long now, art has been marketed towards art collectors, investors and the wealthy. We are making art something for everyone. GalleryGift is for anyone who wants to colour their houses with stunning and original art just because they love it and can also now afford it, not just because it's by an artist with a reputable name in the art world.
  • GalleryGift connects artists with buyers and provides the perfect platform for selling your art and reaching customers who will actually be able to afford to buy it!
  • We do the promotion for you so you have more time to do what you love and make art! We will have a strong social media presence and endeavour to keep our site and your work at the forefront of public attention through media reports, various forms of advertising and of course our word of mouth is as strong as it gets with every event that uses GalleryGift for group gifting reaching a whole new group of people.
  • You don't need your own website anymore- at GalleryGift you will have your own profile that you control, with everything you need to sell your work, including a portfolio gallery to show off your best work to date.
  • Unlike most walk-in galleries, when you are approved to be represented by GalleryGift, you are not restricted to ONLY selling on GalleryGift. You can even have the same piece for sale somewhere else at the same time. We just ask that you keep the price consistent and put it on hold here as soon as you hear that it might have sold elsewhere. 
  • Selling online is the way of the future. The selling of artwork is changing and artists who don't already have an online presence should jump on board or risk being left behind. GalleryGift is the perfect solution for artists ready to take their work online but don't want the hassle of organising online payments, creating a website, quoting deliveries, dealing with difficult customers, or promoting themsleves- we do all that for you. 
  • Become a part of the revolution and join us in filling people’s homes with your wonderful work!

If you're ready to join our growing number of GalleryGift artists, please click here to be taken to the Artist Application form.