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Enjoy the benefits of being a member of the GalleryGift community

Membership Info


Once you create a GalleryGift account, you are able to perform a number of extra functions. This includes creating a personal profile where you can save your favourite artworks to your Watch and Gift List. You can also share your profile and Gift List with others, which allows them to organise an artwork for you as a surprise gift one day! You can also create CoFunds for yourself or someone else and invite people to contribute to it as a gift.

Being a member also makes your GalleryGift experience that bit easier because we can keep track of all your CoFund activity- a record of any CoFunds you have created so you can easily check in and see where they are up to.

Members can also message each other and the artists. If you ever have any questions about an artist’s works or want a friend’s opinion on a piece that you’re considering buying, just send them a message using our internal messaging system.

There are also no obligations with a GalleryGift membership. Once you’re a member you’ll stay a member for as long as you like but, if you decide that you’d prefer to cancel your membership, all you have to do is contact us in writing and we will delete your account for you, no questions asked.

Best of all, being a GalleryGift member is completely free and allows you to become part of our arty community with thousands of artworks at your fingertips and a really simple but effective gift-giving solution that is unique to GalleryGift.


It is completely free for artists to be registered users and sell artwork on the GalleryGift website. As the artist, you set the price you want in your hand and GalleryGift charges a commission and GST, which is automatically added to the in-hand price to create the sale price.

To become a member of GalleryGift and start selling artworks, you must first complete and submit an application form. This will then be assessed by our panel as to the oeuvre’s suitability to GalleryGift's purpose. Once accepted, you can start selling your work on the site and also become available for receiving commissions (if you choose to be).

At all times artists will need to adhere to the Artist Guidelines and Terms and Conditions and any breach of these will attract either a warning or immediate removal from the site, depending on the nature of the breach. As long as you, the artist, are familiar with the Guidelines and the Terms and Conditions this will only happen in rare circumstances.

GalleryGift will have access to a report on your performance while you are on GalleryGift. This helps to keep a track of who is selling what, how often and how much. There will be annual checks of your performance. If you aren’t selling any of your work GalleryGift will discuss the options for improving your sales or reserves the right to remove you from the site. This helps to keep our standard high and our customers happy with work that is popular, cutting edge and suitable for gifts. If, at any time, you decide you don’t want to be part of the GalleryGift community anymore, all you have to do is contact us in writing and we will delete your account, no questions asked.

There are many benefits to being a GalleryGift artist (check out Why Use GalleryGift) but, most importantly, we believe GalleryGift is the answer many artists have been looking for - a reason for people of all walks of life to choose and afford, original artwork that allows artists to be paid what their time and their work is actually worth.